Mash Bill: Maverick’s Kevin Graham

Distiller: Kevin “Emperor of Spirits” Graham, Head Distiller at Maverick Whiskey, in San Antonio, Texas.

What whiskey first made you say ‘fuck yeah’?


If you weren’t making whiskey, you’d probably be . . .

Making beer.

What’s a fucked up way you drink whiskey you probably wouldn’t tell anyone if you weren’t filling out this questionnaire?

I sometimes add . . . . water!

What’s a fucked up way someone you know drinks whiskey that makes you want to throw them off a cliff and seriously, Jesus Hashtag Christ, why, Darryll? Why?

Mixed with 7Up or Coke. Gross!

What song will get you onto the floor no matter what?

Any rocking blues.

Give a quote from a movie you obsess over.

“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

Besides making whiskey, what do you do right?

Building houses.

Sum up the essence of great whiskey with a single word.


Whiskey with an e or whiskey without an e?

With an e.

What moment during distillation strikes you as perfect?

That moment at which you make the heads cut.

List three whiskies you love that aren’t yours.

Whistle Pig, Blantens, Woodford

Name the single most underrated or overlooked distillery in your state.

Maverick Distillery.

Name a whiskey you think our readers never heard of.

Maverick Whiskey Triticale

What was your most embarrassing mistake as a new distiller?

Forgot to close the dump valve when charging with low wines.

What’s a moment in your life that made you realize life is goddam beautiful?

Getting into this business.


1 thought on “Mash Bill: Maverick’s Kevin Graham

  1. Triticale Whiskey?!? Holy Hashtag Christ, Kevin, you’re my newest goddamn hero! I did some experimental home-brew recipes with triticale last year, didn’t realize anyone was making an American whiskey with it. Sign me right the hell up for that.

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