Mash Bill: Old Road Craft Spirits’ Rachael & Jarrod Record

Old Road Craft Spirits is a finishing whiskey house where Jarrod and Rachael Record meticulously source unique barrels to finish carefully curated spirits into award-winning bourbons and ryes. Right now they are sitting on top of a fleet of barrels so staggeringly rare and mind-boggling I’m afraid to even write it down. You would be advised to stay tuned. They scored a 2022 ASCOT medal for their Barrel King Straight Rye Whiskey.

What whiskey first made you say fuck yeah?

Jarrod: It was an Old Fangled Knotter Bourbon 12-year I got in a trade in a tiny ball jar.
Rachael: I have a confession: I was not into bourbon. I was a wine girl. Jarrod kept making me try it and try it and try it and over the course of many samplings, but our Strawberry Philly Blend was what finally got me . . . holy cow I can really get into this.

If you weren’t making whiskey, you’d probably be . . .

J: Medical marijuana grower taking care of patients, sailing, and fishing.
R: I’d be back in higher education.

What’s a fucked up way you drink whiskey you probably wouldn’t tell anyone if you weren’t filling out this questionnaire?

J: I’m just a square. It’s neat or bust for me. I drink very small amounts at a time unless I’m really looking to party. I’ve only put water in whiskey once or twice in my life. I just don’t do it.
R: I like mine on ice.

What’s a fucked up way someone you know drinks whiskey that makes you want to throw them off a cliff and seriously, Jesus Hashtag Christ, why, Darryll? Why?

J: I’m gonna call someone out. He needs help, man. Mitchel Wideman the brewmaster at Muddy Banks Brewing. If you know him you can see how handsome and smart he is, but if you hand him a glass of fine whiskey he’s liable to rip off his shirt, lay down on top of the nearest bar, and pour it into his mouth. He needs to realize there’s more to life than creating beer and if you’re reading this Mitch some see me, I can help you. Love you, Mitch.
R: I would say probably, my parents. They were either mixers–jack & coke–or shooting it like shots

What song will get you onto the floor no matter what?

J: Stayin Alive will get me dancing in my chair.
R: A little background. My parents had a band when I was growing up. The song that is most nostalgic to me is Keep Your Hands to Yourself by The Georgia Satellites.

Give a quote from a movie you obsess over:

J: “Alright alright alright”
R: “We don’t don’t talk about Bruno.” Whenever someone’s skeptical I’ll just break that out.

Besides making whiskey, what do you do right?

J: Fishing and spreadsheets
R: This is so geeky, but make plans. I love nothing more than planning birthday parties. I’m always planning something.

Sum up the essence of great whiskey with a single word.

J: Captivating.
R: Complex.

Whiskey with an e or whiskey without an e?


What moment during your process strikes you as perfect?

J: Whenever a finishing barrel has started to kind of open up and some of the oxidation—the things that are happening around us with air and light and temp—have started to make it a little more earthy. When I’m finishing, when what I’m looking for, what I think it’s perfect, whatever that finish is, joins the party. And it’s not the focus. You still have to sit down and get into the whiskey to see that it needs a honey barrel or a sauternes barrel. At that moment, you get to honor the whiskey. The perfect moment is when the impartation of that the whiskey is what you’re hoping for to happen, happens.

R: We’ve had a couple of barrels that it’s been a struggle to find the right finish. I would say that moment when we nail what we’re looking for out of it is that perfect moment.

List three whiskies you love that aren’t yours.

  1. M20
  2. La Maison du Whiskey, Blanton’s from Paris.
  3. The last batch of Stagg Jr.

Name the single most underrated or overlooked distillery in your state.

It’s 100% us. People don’t know about us in Missouri. We’re better known in Texas than in Missouri.

Name a whiskey you think our readers never heard of.

J: Barrel King is more like we are.
R: Barrel King (laughter)

What was your most embarrassing mistake making whiskey?

J: I don’t know if it’s a mistake. The only truly embarrassing thing is when no one knows you. I had a hard time saying we’re good. I’m not comfortable with selling myself. I was transferring a barrel by myself into a dried-up barrel and whiskey just poured out. I tried to save one barrel but whiskey was going everywhere. All my guys just put their heads down and walked out. But, that barrel still worked.

What’s a moment in your life that made you realize life is goddam beautiful?

R: I switch back and forth between the obvious: your children being born. That’s such an epic moment But lately, it’s when I find myself alone in my car, just driving, I really have an opportunity to enjoy my surroundings. Missouri is so hilly and lovely and I really get to appreciate it.
J: Whenever my family is happy and the stars line up and everyone seems good, as good as can be and the bills are paid and I can see a little bit of runway.

Who would you like to see answer these questions?

Robert Vossmeyer, he’s our acting distiller. He’s another genius who’s always doing big things. Well thought out. He’s been there for us from day one. We wouldn’t be here talking to you without him.

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