Whiskey, Neat: Meghan McCamant

Whiskey Neat introduces you to restaurant and beverage industry professionals, the books they read, and the whiskey they love.

Meghan McCamant
Director | Good Bourbon for a Good Cause

There are a handful of whiskey charities out there that stand out. One of them is Good Bourbon for a Good Cause. GBGC sells limited release Garrison Brothers bourbons to raise money for industry professionals, raise awareness of Texan open spaces, and offer qualified veterans a good place to land.

GBGC puts Texas open spaces and environment at a priority, endeavoring to support or fund programs that preserve such vital locations as the Balmorhea Pool, in Balmorhea State park, one of the largest spring-fed freshwater pools in the world. Their work with veterans helps them find the assistance they require while finding meaningful work that puts them in harm’s way to help rescue and support disaster victims. Finally, GBGC raises funds to provide members of the hospitality industry with the healthcare they need.

McCamant embodies the vision of the charity she runs: good bourbon can change the world.

We couldn’t agree more.

How long have you been at Good Bourbon for a Good Cause?

One Year

Name a book that matters

Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese

Why does it matter?

The character development is phenomenal! You feel like the characters are your friends and family members. Also, the amount you learn about Ethiopian culture is amazing.

Favorite quote from the book:

“God will judge us, Mr. Harris, by–by what we did to relieve the suffering of our fellow human beings. I don’t think God cares what doctrine we embrace.”

Your preferred top-shelf whiskey:

Garrison Brothers Balmorhea

Why do you like it so much?

It is bourbon candy. Caramel, warming, full-bodied, and drool-worthy.

What’s your guilty pleasure cocktail with that whiskey?

Whiskey Revival! Two shots of GB, one shot of lemon juice, one shot of St. Germaine’s–SHAKE over ice and serve!

I never want to make a ___________ again in my life:

Whiskey and coke

What is a perfect whiskey?

Cask Strength Single Barrel from Garrison Brothers. Anything over 120 proof.

People need to quit drinking  . . .

Vodka, it’s just ethanol

Who would you most like to see answer these questions?

Shane Merriam or Douglas Peterson

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  1. Character development and whiskey. And reminder that vodka is ethanol. These are my favorite takeaways. Meghan, you are an amazing and wise young women with a huge heart. Thank you for doing Bourbon For A Good Cause.

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